Simplifying Cash Management for Businesses in the Cannabis Industry

small people or big wallet?

What We Provide

Drive-Thru Teller

24/7 self depository

Our self depository drive-thru facility located in downtown Tulsa makes it possible for our members to deposit cash there 24/7. Deposits are generally processed the next day and the money goes straight into your bank account.

Free ATM Installation

We provide and install the ATM inside your store at no cost to you. We then carefully monitor, service and replenish your ATM as needed. Our advanced software algorithms enable us to anticipate your cash needs so that you are always fully operational and ready to serve your clients. Our team remains on call to help you troubleshoot and stay operational 24/7. We are here to support you.

Armored Cash In Transit (CIT)

Free pickup of your deposit for members

Our fleet of insured high-tech armored vehicles is the safest way to transport your cash from your business to your desired location. This service eliminates employee trips to the bank and unsupervised cash management, keeping your employees safe and reducing your risk of theft. Our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking and operated by our rigorously trained staff. With over 25 years experience in the cash-handling business, we know what it takes to keep your money and your team safe. We are here to protect you.

PIN-based Debit

For Exact Amount

We set you up to take debit cards at your cannabis business. All your customers need to do is swipe their card and enter their PIN. No change needs to be provided unlike with a cashless ATM transaction.


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